Audi 80 bergcup

This car is ment to be the last Audi we make for our own collection. As the 80 B2 is where it all started for both of us, and this is where the circle ends…

For this car we have collected parts for a decade.

The technique is full Supertouring spec from the 1994 car of Rinaldo Capello racing in the Campionato Italiano Superturismo , and the exterior is as close as we can get to the 1980 car of Nowak/Bergmeister winning the Tourenwagen Europamaisterschaft. The platforms of the B2 and the B4 has so many similarities you can’t imagine there is almost 15 years of development between these cars. When we had the opportunity to get a crashed Supertouring shell that was beyond repair, there was no reasons for not bringing these two cars together to get the best out of different decades.

As we have made several cars over the last years without the great sound of the 5 cylinder Audi engine, it’s now time to make it even more complicated when we add a modern engine design in this car, like the 07K you find in TTRS and RS3.To be able to run this engine with the sequential Supertouring gearbox form Audi Sport, a custom crankshaft and flywheel is required, along with a custom drysump system. These magnesium gearboxes are designed for low friction and a maximum torque of 400Nm so we have to make a high rpm low boost solution to make it last.